Update from the front-line of the "War On Consciousness"

Seems like there’s a war-on-everything these days. Unlike a lot of wars however, this one actually has the potential to benefit the human race in ways no war ever has.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post entitled “The Science Delusion”, a so-called “war” has broken out between the old scientific guard and the new regarding advances in frontier science that threaten to undermine most of our basic Western understandings of body, mind, and cosmos.

The debate started with the censorship of two lectures at the prominent TEDx conferences by Rupert Sheldrake and Graham Hancock…their videos were removed from the official TEDx youtube channel after the usual complaints of “psuedo-science” and “quackery”.
Normally this would be the end of it, but it caused a massive internet uproar and for the first time, signs of real scientific revolution are in the works as proponents from all sides weigh in on these censored “taboo” topics, only to find out supporters (and their corresponding research) are finally beginning to receive mainstream acknowledgement, and even acceptance.
One of the censored speakers, Graham Hancock, said something in an online rebuttal to the TEDx blog that I had to post here. The way he explained “non-local” consciousness is almost identical to the way I explained how consciousness works in a blog post I wrote last year entitled “Is Your Brain God?“. It was a relief to see someone with much more credibility and weight than I have espousing this emergent new world view to the masses, and to finally see it beginning to dawn on our collective (Western) psyche.
Here is what Graham said…
“This controversy has brought to light a fundamental fault-line that is emerging in the science of consciousness between the old paradigm of materialist reductionism (represented by people like Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett) and a new paradigm of non-local conscious. The new paradigm, represented by all the scientists who wrote to the Huffington Post on 19th April is open to the revolutionary possibility at the centre of both my talk and Rupert’s talk, namely that consciousness may not be generated by the brain but rather “transceived” by the brain – i.e. that consciousness may be a fundamental “non-local” property of all dimensions of the universe and that rather than being an epiphenomenon of brain activity, it may instead be that the brain acts as an interface that allows consciousness to manifest ‘locally’ on the material plane.
“If the new paradigm proves to be correct, and it is intriguing to see these powerful voices raising that possibility, then the issue is by no means limited to consciousness but calls into question many of the fundamental assumptions on which Western science has been built for the past 400 years. It is a revolution in the making, spearheaded by quantum physics and consciousness studies, with implications for our understanding of reality that are likely to be at least as profound as the implications of the dismantling of the Ptolemaic model by the Copernican revolution from the 16th century onwards, ushering in a new age of science.”

I inhaled…or should I say, “this consciousness” inhaled
I can’t think of a more succinct way of explaining this modern state of affairs. Not bad for a former Ganja addict who confesses he went from user to abuser (hear that kids?). But then again, it doesn’t sound like weed killed any of his brain cells. Sounds like he might have even grew some – then again as he mentions in his presentation, that could all be Mother Ayuasaca’s doing.

I can only hope more and more people take the time to understand what the implications of this really are – that being the merging of science and spirituality into a united cosmological world view that would indeed solve not only a lot of mysteries of the cosmos, but actual real-world problems that threaten our planet.

I’d hate to say it, but this is one war I hope keeps raging.

* and one more note, from the open letter article to TEDx by Deepak Chopra and others:

Chris Anderson, the head of TED, proposed certain “red flag” topics, among them health hoaxes and the medicinal value of food but also the general area of pseudoscience. 

I’m sorry, but if the “medicinal value of food” is considered to be a red flag pseudoscience issue, than we really have  some work to do. Jeez-louise…


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