Donnie Darko – Poulsbo Edition

I’ve shared with many of my friends and family over the years a number of experiences of mine that do not fit within the standard consensus of reality. Perhaps they think I’m just eccentric, or worse, crazy. I suppose the day will come when everyone’s consciousness will expand to the point where we realize not everything that exists can be found in a textbook. That life and reality don’t really care what we think of it nor what religions or sciences we come up with to try and explain it. Reality is what it already is, our human sensitivities and search for truth aside.

I’ve talked about my kundalini experiences in the past. I’ve learned over the years that people can not handle nor believe what they can not experience themselves. I think this is nature’s way of making sure we do not believe everything simply because someone says it is so. I also think this forces us to “know” things on a level beyond just intellectual meandering. Think about it, there’s a difference between knowing what skydiving is versus “knowing” skydiving because you’ve actually jumped out of a plane. Same could be said for a lot of things; driving cars, sex. Perhaps the lack of “proof” (this is actually no longer true, plenty of proof for the paranormal has existed for decades) that people so desperately want for the paranormal is really simply a matter of the universe forcing people to discover it in their own way, on their own evolutionary timetable, and without endangering their own free will.

Case in point – Easter eve 2013. I was driving back to Poulsbo, Washington along highway 3 with my girlfriend, her daughter, and mother around 10:30pm that evening. We were only a few miles away from home when I saw a figure standing on the side of the road.

We occasionally see people walking around at night. The lack of streetlights in this rural part of Kitsap County makes it kind of dangerous to be out, most people have reflectors on of some kind.

This guy had none, just a hoodie and jeans.

He was just standing there on the side of the road, uncomfortably enough into the street where I had to veer a bit to the left to avoid hitting him. I thought maybe he was just checking his mail, but at 10:30pm at night?

At that same time exactly my girlfriend turned and said to me “Somebody’s out”. I assumed she was referring to the hooded man on the side of the road. I responded with “Yeah, what an idiot”, worried he’d be hit eventually by another car at some point if he didn’t get off the side of the road.

“I’m talking about my mom” she said. Her mom had fallen asleep. She was “out”, as in lights out.

“What”? I thought you were talking about that guy on the side of the road”. She had not seen the hooded man at all, she had turned her head at the exact moment when she could have seen him, and her words, thought meant for her mom, strangely were also relevant to the hooded figure.

I found the synchronicity of that moment uncanny. I’ve often told people synchronicity is the first tap on the shoulder to a world unseen.

We finally turned down our street. It was only a few moments before I saw “another” hooded figure. This time the guy was walking away from us on the same side of the road, where the passenger would have the easiest chance of seeing him.

At this point, I wasn’t thinking too much of it. I casually blurted out:

“Geez, looks like everybody’s out tonight”. After all, it was unusual to see two people out this late at night just walking down the side of the road.


Kristine had not seen him. This was the second time I saw someone she didn’t see on the same side of the road, dressed in the same attire. She had not had her head turned this time. The headlights lit this guy up easily, she couldn’t have missed him.


I mentioned to Kristine that I thought something was going on. She blew me off, her atheism having had its limit of my woo-woo ramblings.

Sometime that night, I heard what sounded like a car crashing into the side of our house. It drove me out of bed. I checked out our window to make sure there wasn’t a car crashed outside on our front lawn. It absolutely terrified me. It was the sound you hear the two seconds before you hit another car. Frightening. I believe the time was around 2am.



Immediately upon awakening I asked Kristine “Did you hear a car crash last night”? I’m very, very lucky I got on the record as having asked this, it was the only thing that probably kept me from being homeless. Because as soon as I’d asked her, we exploded into our worst fight ever.

We had both reached our limit with each other. She had had enough of my psychobabble spirituality nonsense, and I had enough of not being heard. It was the ugliest fight yet. I said some things that were quite awful, but I felt this was something that needed to be investigated further. I was told that after Easter was finished, I would be needing to find other accommodations. We were done.



That was the low point. Realizing I should’ve probably kept my mouth shut, I left to go grab my coffee at the local drive thru called the Coastal Point Coffee, owned by my friend Dylan. I’ve been going here for years now. It was sometime after 12pm, not sure when exactly.

This would prove to be one of my most fateful coffee runs ever.

I realized as I was driving to his stand (which happens to be directly across from the second sighting of the hooded man the night before) that it was Easter, and he’d probably be closed.

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to see his car in the driveway. But when I pulled up, he opened the window to tell me he was just stopping in to grab some supplies.

That exchange took only a minute. But it saved me from what I think was a tragic fate.



I decided I’d have to hit the Starbucks. Driving on highway 3, I saw the unimaginable.

At the very same spot I’d seen the hooded figure for the first time the night before, a two-car collision had just occurred. Ambulance and Fire were already there, and a state patrolman had just parked and was getting out of his car. Both cars were totaled, with a fender thrown across the street into a lawn.

I took a photo and texted it to Kristine, just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.

This was the very same spot I’d seen the hooded figure from the night before standing outside by the mailbox. The car that I had heard crashing into my mind at 2am was the sound of this accident happening the next day, BEFORE IT HAD ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

Like I said, I’ve experienced paranormal activity before. But this was a huge escalation. I had actually “seen” something in the real world (the hooded man), without being in any altered state. And when connecting the sound of the crash to the actual crash now having just occurred at the exact same spot I’d seen someone who apparently wasn’t really there, well, it took my breath away.

But here’s where it really gets weird. Who was this hooded man?

The next day I pulled into Dylan’s coffee stand for another coffee (like I needed it!). Then I saw something that made it all come together.

He was wearing a hoodie and jeans, the same outfit worn by my mystery man.

Dylan was my guy! Not the actual Dylan, nor his “spirit”, but the fact that somehow, my clairvoyance had alerted me that by pulling into his coffee stand Easter day (the day of the accident) just for those few moments, I would avoid getting into an accident that would I later find out injured a young boy. The chances of Dylan coming in on his day off, and me pulling in at that same moment, are just astronomical, along with seeing a mystery man on the same side of the road as the accident, hearing it before it happened, etc…

That’s why I also saw “him” a second time Easter eve walking outside where his coffee stand is. My subconscious, higher self, whatever is in charge of this phenomena, would help me retroactively link these connections together to allow my conscious mind to finally make sense of it all.


Suddenly, I wasn’t just the woo-woo weirdo anymore. Having gotten on record as reporting the sightings of the mystery man, along with the sound of the crash, quickly restored my standing with Kristine and her family.

At the same time, we were all a bit unnerved by it. I still am. I’m very thankful, on one hand. Had I been in that accident, my life would truly be ruined. I have no car insurance. Somebody, or something, is looking out for me.

Kristine is still an atheist of course, but I can tell the experience has opened some doors for her. Nobody who was with me those two days can blow it off, despite our mind’s tendency to blow off what it doesn’t understand. These events, facts, can not be blown off. They all happened, despite their unexplained nature.

Maybe this is all just due to Dylan spiking his coffee with some hallucinogens? Doubt it. And even if so, it wouldn’t explain how I was able to see and hear things (now on record, at least with my close friends) before they actually happened.

I don’t think time is what we think it is. Consciousness is not what we think it is. It is a lot more. I’m very thankful, and yet at the same time, a bit frightened by all of this. What gives me solace is it was a very positive experience, in that it not only validated my claims but perhaps validated me personally as well, that these experiences did not happen purely in my imagination.

I maybe a freak, but I’m an accurate freak.

Why the Donnie Darko reference? Well, I had hooded guys and bunnies (Easter) too. Thought it kinda fits.

Keep an open mind. And my best to the poor kid injured in the accident.


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