Popping my Con-cherry with the folks of VisionCon 2012

Well it was my first time at any CON ever, and the folks of Missouri delivered. Not to hard, not too soft, just the nice right of touchy feely to allow a first timer to drop their pants and not feel guilty when a geek boner pops at the sight of a Stormtrooper walking by. The MidWest is a fine a place as any to indulge in Sci-Fi hedonism, and it delivered the goods in stride.

One of my goals at VisonCon, besides just to sample a culture I’d only heard about but never experienced firsthand, was to screen GodMachine and find out if there was an audience for it.

Our audience response was great. Sure, the film is still a little too David Lynchy for some, but by far, it was a positive one. The world me and Robert Leeshock created delivered, and it even had it’s own genre…cyberpunk and hard sci fi. I had no idea I had made a cyberpunk film. Or a hard/military sci fi film. There were even some Matrix (the first Matrix, they liked to specifically point out 🙂 comparisons. Really? HOLY SHIT, what a compliment!

At the post-screening Q&A, I found myself not having to preface anything with “I know this is going to sound weird, but…” The audience would shout out “YOU DON”T HAVE TO DO THAT, YOU’RE AT A SCI -FI CONVENTION”, and then I realized holy shit, for the first time in my life, I can be a weirdo and get away with it. I can ramble on about string theory and its connection to Hindu bija mantras and people will nod their head and go “I get it…and?”

And, WOW! You mean I get to rave like a madmen and people will listen? And even add to the conversation with their own powerful insights and observations? You mean I don’t have to take my meds? Just kidding, I’m not on meds. And that’s the scary thing. But on the flip side, this led to a powerful realization:

I AM A GEEK TOO, with a penchant for cyberpunk, hard/military sci-fi. And there’s no longer any need to feel ashamed by it.

On the way out, me and Robert did an interview with the guys from ACTION NERDS: GO! Wow, what a talented couple of guys. Somebody should be flying them out to conventions and comping them a steak dinner or two. Their podcast was top notch. Thanks guys for having us. You can check out our interview here.

I’d also like to put a shout out to the Damsels of Dorkington. They put on quite a show, and were a hoot behind the scenes too. One of my more favorite moments of VisionCon 2012 will be discussing A2M with them. If you don’t know what A2M is, you should ask them. It’s a much better introduction to the subject matter having these attractive ladies explain it than it is me in some remote blogpost on the internet. Robert had never heard of it, which makes him one of the few gentlemen remaining on the planet.

All in all, my (place your favorite sci-fi character here) helmet’s off to the folks of VisionCon 2012! No need for a shower or to find a happy place. I’m good to go!


3 thoughts on “Popping my Con-cherry with the folks of VisionCon 2012

  1. you guys were awesome, i knew i was home–please com back if you can,sincerely joe w ryan VISIONCON2012

  2. Hey Rich, just letting you know we uploaded the higher quality version of our interview here on Spreaker, so you might want to update your link in this post. Thanks again for being a guest!

  3. Will do guys! Thanks 🙂

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