Journey back to life…

So I just finished up, as of the first of the year, my experience with testicular cancer. As of now, I’m cancer free, and intend on remaining that way. A great friend of mine has been updating a blog for me detailing my journey in greater detail. Check it out here:

The experience has been remarkable. I’ve healed on many levels. I never imagined I would receive the amount of love and support I did. Some might find this strange, but cancer has been one of the best things to ever happen to me. Of course, I’m not interested in repeating the experience! But it’s been more of an opportunity, if anything, to dig deep and connect to the mystery that powers every one of our human experiences, and how we each play a unique part and have our own heroic stories to unfold.

Anyhooo….I wanted to share this video of my buddies putting on a show for me at one of the cancer benefits thrown in my honor. It’s really awesome…there were some great items in the auction, including a Vince Neil autographed guitar that I won (thanks Lance) and some other great memorabilia from amazing bands. Thanks to OH and everyone else who helped out.

The Endless Still – Live @ Club Motor 12/11/2009 from Outlaw Branding on Vimeo.

I’d also like to thank the folks at Martini Design, my co-workers, who let me stay with them through this experience…they really went way beyond the call of duty for friends, let alone co-workers.

There are really too many people to thank, it is quite overwhelming to be honest. I’m making preparations to try and do something for each and every person who helped me. I would not have gotten through this otherwise.

Thank you all 😉 I’m there for you if you ever need me…guaranteed 😉


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