"Simply FOBulous" gets DVD deal..

Well guys, the day has finally come. Been wanting to write this for quite some time. So glad to be able to finally do so.

I just finished talking to Liam Finn of Breakthrough Distribution. He’s partnered with Mill Creek Entertainment, and they’ve selected my film to be part of their “Reel Indies” line of films.

Here’s their website: http://www.reelindies.com/index.html

Simply FOBulous will recieve retail distribution throughout all North American territories in such stores as Best Buy, Wal Mart, Barnes and Noble, Target, and also on Amazon and Netflix. (Not sure if we’ll be in all stores in all locations, but should be in some)

It’s also going to be part of the Ingram entertainment catalouge, which means it might be Blockbuster at some point as well.

Signing the paperwork now. I’m really thrilled. It’s a very good deal for a low budget filmmaker to get. Didn’t see any potential problems in the contract. If they live up to their end of the bargain, this will be a very nice end to a great filmmaking adventure.I’ll have more info later. –

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